Vanderbilt Quarknet 2010

Monday July 26 - Friday July 30

Room SC 6322 --- Our usual schedule --- Morning Session, 9 - 12; Lunch (brown bag or local cafeteria), noon to 1 PM; Afternoon Session, 1 - 4.

bulletMonday Jul 26

8:30-9:30 -- Coffee, get acquainted, check and finish filling out personal information form. With Sandy Childress, plan car-pools and give out parking permits as needed for the rest of the week.

9:30 -- Ken Cecire, Quarknet National Staff: What is Quarknet? Its mission, size, age, source of funding?

10:00 -- Med Webster: Overview of Standard Model(s) - What is a Quark? The Standard Models of the atom, of the nucleus. Is there a next step? Med's SM power point

1 PM -- Ken Cecire: What are Quarknet Masterclasses? Ken's power point Followed by Med Webster: History of Particle Physics and Cosmic Rays - What led us to explore this new realm? How do we learn about such tiny things? Electroscope, diffusion cloud chamber demo. Event pictures from expansion cloud chambers and from bubble chambers. Med's history power point

bulletTuesday Jul 27

Forenoon -- What is a "detector"? How do particles penetrate "solid" matter? What happens when they do? From the electroscope to the silicon pixel detector. The electron charge is inconveniently small. How do we cope with that? Med's detectors power point

Afternoon -- SC 6105 and 6323 The Quarknet Muon counter: Gayle Dawson and Aimee Ragland use the parts of our new counter to explain how the counter detects muons. Aimee is facing the group of (l to r) Gayle, Meaghan Rossberg, Diana Carbone, and Kevin Handerhan. Diana and Kevin are holding pieces of scintillating fibers. The glow at the ends illustrates the propagation and internal reflections of light in the paddles of the detector. Our two current counters were operational and on display. Brenda Pless and Nick Horton show how to use them to measure properties of cosmic rays in the classroom. Nick and Collin Finney in animated discussion, probably about detecting muons, (l to r) Nick, Scott Carter, Brenda, Collin, and James Anderson. Brenda makes a point about the counters with (l to r) Diana Carbone, Meaghan Rossberg, Nick, and Brenda with Scott Carter just a bit too far left to show in the picture. That device between Brenda and the camera is one of our counters loaded up with five layers of bricks to verify that most cosmic rays pass through multiple layers of brick. Looking ahead to having a more visual counter based on proportional tubes and LEDs, Prof. Will Johns strings and assembles a proportional tube while Gayle Dawson, James Anderson, Aimee Ragland, Collin Feeney, and (in back) Scott Carter watch. Because of amplification near that tiny wire, the signal from an X-ray capture is visible on a scope. Will demonstrates the signal to Scott and Collin standing and to Gayle and Aimee kneeling for a better view.

bulletWednesday Jul 28

Forenoon -- Accelerators: magnets, magnetic force, bending in a magnetic field. Why such a big circle? Compare with stack of batteries, "Reuse" the accelerating field,. Demos of force on current in a wire and deflection of an electron beam in a gas discharge tube. Med's accelerators power point

Afternoon -- Prof. Bill Gabella: Life with a running experiment - The CMS detector, DVD of assembly of CMS, Visit to VU CMS monitor/control room at Vanderbilt which is used to monitor the operation of the detector.

bulletThursday Jul 29

Forenoon -- Prof. Will Johns: The Tau trigger - Vanderbilt analysis effort. -- Moved to Friday forenoon because Will was involved in resolving a problem at CERN. Continued with "accelerators" discussion which had been interrupted the previous morning and started the discussions scheduled for Friday morning.

Afternoon -- Prof. Charles Maguire: Heavy Ions in LHC - Why? Bulk matter characteristics, density, compressibility, viscosity. Pi zero, gamma paper

bulletFriday Jul 30

Forenoon -- Deliberately left open to catch up or follow new leads. For example, Collin Finney has worked with the star legacy cycle teaching method and we should discuss this.

Afternoon -- Everyone sign the time sheet. Do we want a Masterclass? Schedule 2011 Quarknet week.