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Picture of me in Canyonlands

About me

I am a Research Associate with the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Vanderbilt University.
I am a member of the FOCUS collaboration, a high energy charm photoproduction experiment at FermiLab  FOCUS logo

There is a copy of my Curriculum Vitae available.

Information and links to my favorite things are on another page devoted to some of my interests such as photography, music, and backpacking.

There is also a page with pictures of friends of mine from college days and beyond. This is of limited interest unless you actually know me.

Photo Gallery
This section is my own personal photo gallery.
Click on an image to access that particular subject.
All these photos were transferred from 35mm negatives or positives to Kodak PhotoCD. In my opinion, the quality of this type of transfer is vastly superior to flatbed scanning.
Canyonlands picture
National Park
Cascades picture
Olympic National
Park & Cascades
New Zealand picture
New Zealand
Pantanal picture
Brazil's Pantanal
Rockies pictureThe Rocky Mountains Isle Royale
National Park
Isle Royale picture
Waterfall picture Other
The DIA Air Show
Thunderbird picture

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